Parent Bonding Activities

About Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo Da Vinci was one of the most successful and famous artists in the world. He worked as an apprentice for the sculptor and painter Andreal del Verrochhio in Florence. Years later, he became an independent master and set up his own studio in 1478.

Some of his more famous works include the “Vitruvian Man”, “The Last Supper” and the “Mona Lisa”. He was always curious about the laws of science and nature, hence he had a variety of interests. Besides being a painter and sculptor, he was also an architect, scientist and engineer. He had immense interest in the laws of motion and propulsion and he completed many projects during his time in Florence.

Here's a little story

When Leonardo Da Vinci first started drawing, his teacher asked him to draw nothing but eggs only. Soon, he got bored and tired of drawing eggs so he walked up to his teacher Vercocchio, and asked the teacher why he had to draw eggs all the time.


His teacher answered, “Da Vinci, do you know that drawing eggs is not a simple thing to do?” The teacher went on to explain that even for the same egg, if he changed the angle of observation, he would discover a different shape of the egg.


Da Vinci finally understood the good intentions of his teacher. 

The next day, Leonardo Da Vinci continued to draw more eggs and each time, with much patience and from different angles.

What can we learn

Leonardo Da Vinci was one of the greatest artists in the world. We can learn from his patience and diligence in completing a given task. We can also learn to be meticulous in our work and not be afraid of making mistakes. We can also learn to be more creative and to experiment with new ideas.


Activity 1

Here are some of the most famous paintings in the world.


This painting is called the Mona Lisa. It was painted by Leonardo Da Vinci.


This is called Starry Night. The artist is Vincent Van Gogh.


This painting is by Claude Monet. It is known as Water Lilies. 


Andy Warhol painted this. It is called Campbell's Soup Can. 

Dear children,

Can you draw and colour your own painting? You may draw your own Mona Lisa, Starry Night, Water Lilies, or design your own soup can.

Princess Diana

Princess Diana was the wife of Prince Charles, the heir to the British throne and the eldest child of Queen Elizabeth II. Besides her royal duties, Princess Diana was actively involved in extensive charity work. She raised her two sons very differently from other royals - she let them experience life outside royalty. She sent them to public school at Jane Mynor's nursery near Kensington Palace. She brought them to McDonald's, took public transport and let them wear casual attire such as jeans and baseball caps. At Disneyland, they even queued up for rides, just like everybody else. She also took them to public hospitals and homeless shelters to let her sons see and experience the sufferings of the less privileged. 

Her down-to-earth attitude not only won the respect and support of many commoners, it also left a long lasting impression on her sons to spread love and concern for people in need. When she died in a car accident in Paris, millions around the world mourned her passing. Her life was filled with many legacies. Till today, many still remember her as the "people's princess". 

What can we learn

Princess Diana was a free-spirited person and she placed great emphasis on the importance of family. She served with her heart and never expected anything in return. She brought cheer and hope to many young children around the world when she met and hugged them. We can learn from Princess Diana to be truthful and kind. Her openness to share her life and her relentless effort to give unconditionally still linger in the hearts and minds of many throughout the world.


Activity 2

Dear children, can you write a short letter to Princess Diana to thank her kindness to young children around the world?